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Andreoni srl

Production of covered
elastic yarns since 1959

We produce refined high quality yarns among which: covered elastic yarns in natural rubber and in elastomeric fibres complete with warping. Our production system has obtained the following certifications: “Oeko-Tex – Fiducia nel Tessile” and GRS Contractors.

about us

Our history

A long path with a single purpose: the production of covered elastic yarns with warping service for different sectors.

Biagio Andreoni founded his business, helped by his wife Rosa Colombo, at the beginning of the sixties.
Andreoni presented his business on the market gaining the trust of customers thanks to the quality of the products, the seriousness, the professional competence, the accuracy of delivery times and methods and, above all, thanks to the customer focus. These are strengths of the company reinforced and recognized today.

After Biagio Andreoni’s untimely death in 1977, the company continued its business thanks to his wife Rosa Colombo with the help of their daughters Luisa and Sonia.
The inclusion of the grandson Mattia, in 2008, marked a further turning point for Andreoni s.r.l., which was strengthened with new ideas, and with a technological adaptation in the various winding / spiraling departments. Most of all, the elastic yarn warping department was enhanced.

Today Andreoni srl produces elastic yarns mainly for ribbon manufacturers and weaving factories.

Our productions are destined for various sectors, for example men’s / women’s underwear, articles for the sports, footwear, orthopedic, medical, and automotive world, bandages, nets, and elastic sewing threads.

what we do

Production departments

Andreoni’s strong point is the versatility in the production of various articles and the ability to satisfy every customer’s request, both for sale on distaffs and for elastic warp yarns.

Covering department

Andreoni s.r.l. produces elastic yarns using natural rubber as cores, also known as caoutchouc (from yarn count 20, up to 90, the finest), and elastomers of different brands and modules known internationally (from the count 44 dtex to1880 dtex).

Our yarns can be covered in mono covering (single covering) or in double covering (one internal and one external to ensure that the yarn remains balanced).

The raw materials used for the covering are different: nylon 6 or 66, polyester, cotton, viscose, rayon, logically all in different titrations and colors. All yarns are rewound on flanged spools (spools), through the use of latest generation winders, with tension control from the beginning to the end of the reel.

Our articles, according to the various machine settings, have different elongations, stretches, and twists per meter and are packaged in different formats: cylindrical tube for warping, derouler creels in two diameters, kingspool and cone.

filati elastici andreoni
filati elastici
filati elastici andreoni spiralatura
spiralatura filati elastici
filati andreoni
filati blu
spiralatura andreoni

Warping department

Andreoni s.r.l. weaves warpes yarns of its own production, up to a maximum number of 320 threads, with beams having a maximum width of 22 inches.

We don’t have an internal beam standard, but we receive the empty beams from our customers. We adapt to different flanges, heddles, internal holes, so that each individual customer can use the yarn warped on his own type of beam.

To date we have 2 electronic warping machines of the Muller brand (the best known brand in ribbon manufacturing) and 1 of the Menegatto brand.
We also warpes bare elastomers on request.

pettine orditura
orditura filati elastici
filati elastici orditura
orditura filati
macchina per orditura
filati elastici

Tradition and passion
at your service



Via A. Pacinotti, 3
20852 Villasanta (MB)

VAT No. 00683310965
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